Audits & Digital

by Eric John, Vice President, Digital Services, Alliance for Audited Media

Publishers are facing a number of headwinds in terms of managing their multichannel content, not the least of which is the fragmentation caused by the vast number of platforms, tools and services required to now create, distribute, sell and monetize content for every device and screen. Recent AAM research shows that publishers are frustrated with everything from app technologies that require duplication of work to juggling the ever changing landscape of vendors. Even the methods and metrics used to track users’ media engagement are as varied and fragmented as the devices where content is consumed.

DPS_metrics-aamPublishers agree that digital accountability is necessary. In our annual digital publishing survey, two thirds of publishers agreed that the industry needs third-party audits of digital content and that advertisers are likely to increase demand for independent third-party audits.

One publisher commented: “I feel strongly about having known third-party blessed analytics. It creates a level of discipline in the e-world.”

Another said, “The only way we’re going to get at what the buyers want is to find some way for the right metrics to be measured and for the right organizations to work together in order to move it forward.”
With so much confusion in the market, the need for validated tablet media metrics is real. And one way to advance adoption of these metrics is a third-party audit.

{Read the full interview in the Winter 2013 edition of Tablet Publishing, now live in the Apple App Store}